Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Tour 2015 Is Coming!

Promo Image Big Borders

Promo Image Big Borders
After a successful first season of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest in the history books, we’re looking forward to do it all over again in 2015! We’re heading to the same awesome host tracks as in 2014 plus we’re adding a few new stops. We’re also looking to have a few mini events. All 2015 SCBF series events will award points to all participants. Prizes will be given out to the top 3 finishers in most competitions at each event. Some competitions will only give out a prizes to the top finisher. The top 3 riders with the most points at the end of the season will win special prizes.

Below are the list of competitions that we’ll be doing on the tour (Subject to rider participation and time). There will be separate age groups and girl/women only class for each competition below.

  • High Jump (Separate classes for Cyclocross/Road, MTB and Fat Bikes)
  • Cyclocross Meets BMX (Multiple Lap  race, All Bike Types, no fixed gears)
  • (NEW)Bunny Hop Long Jump
  • (NEW)Bunny Hop (Separate classes for Road/Cyclocross and Fixed Gear bikes)
  • Fastest Gate Start (Solo rider sprint from starting gate to 30ft line. All bike types)
  • Bike Relay Race (All bike types, no fixed gears)
  • (NEW) MTB 8x Race
  • (NEW) Fat Bike 8x Race
  • Last Straight Dash (This category name may change depending on the track)
  • Best Style (Show off your style and bike handling skills on the track)
  • Manual Competition.(Who can do the longest manual on the track)
  • Flat Pedal Open (No clipped pedals)
  • 5 Year old and younger Balance Bike Race
  • Iron Man Challenge (Top 3 riders with the most points at the end of the days competitions wins a cash prize)

Host Tracks:

Below is the list of the awesome tracks that will be hosting SCBF2015


  • Registration times may vary but they will begin no later than 9am. Competitions start at 11am.
  • To compete in one competition: $15.
  • To compete in 2 or more/all competitions: $30
  • To enter the Iron Man Challenge(Cash Prize) $40 (Price includes $30 registration fee)
  • Balance Bike Race: $10
  • If you are not a member of USA BMX, you must sign a USABMX membership waiver:  1 day memberships are FREE, 30 Day Trial Membership is $30,  1 Year Full membership is $60 (With a USA BMX Membership you can compete at any BMX track in the nation and Canada Find out more about USA BMX HERE)
  • Riders must also fill out a Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Waiver (Free)
  • You can do all registration on the day of the events.

Brooklyn Bike Park Registration:

  • Brooklyn Bike Park is not a USA BMX sanctioned track so you will NOT be required to fill out a USA BMX Membership. You will need to fill out a Brooklyn Bike Park Waiver and a Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Waiver
  • Brooklyn Bike Park’s 2014 location has be permanently closes but it is slated to get rebuilt this spring across right across the street for it’s old location. If all goes well we’ll be having the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Experience event there.
  • To compete in one competition: $12
  • To compete in 2 or more/all competitions: $20


Not only is the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Tour a day of fun, friendly off road cycling competitions it’s also an point event series. each competition riders compete in ear them points. Points are used to decide the winners of the Iron Man Challenge and the end of the season series points leaders.

  • Points are given out to all riders who compete in any event.
  • Points for the season are stored in the SugarCayneBikeFest data base and posted on the site. View the 2014 SCBF point chart HERE
  • See the Point break down below:

1 point will be given for 9th place finishes and higher.
A “LOSS” is worth 1 point. You will see “Loss” listed in our event/points results list.

  • “Captains Chair” Bonus points are given out during some competitions. The Captains chair are for the leaders during some competitions like Fastest Gate and Long Jump competitions. We might add the Captains Chair to more more events this year.
  • The Iron Man Challenge is competitions where the top three riders with the most points for the day’s event receive a special cash prize. The challenge is open to all riders and it encourages riders to try out all the competitions.
  • 2015 SCBF Series Points Leader: After the final stop of the 2015 SCBF Tour, we will add up all the points from the final event along with the current point standings. Whoever the top three point leaders are will win a special series prize. (1st place last year won a complete Cult Bart Simpson Bike). 
  • There will be a page setup on this site where you can keep track of the 2015 Series points.

Vendors Row:

We want to have an awesome vendors row at each stop on the tour. If your interested in vending at one of our stops please contact us at


We’re always looking for sponsors so if your interested in sponsoring one of our many stops, a particular competition series or the whole SCBF 2015 season please contact us at



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