Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Track List Tee 2016

SCBF Track list tee

For a limited time we are offering a special SCBF 2016 Track List Tee! As you aready know we did the bike fest at 9 BMX Tracks this summer and it was awesome!!

We went to EHT BMX in New Jersey, Billerica BMX in Massachusetts, Tri-City BMX in New York, SOMD BMX in Maryland, Hagerstown BMX in Maryland, First State BMX in Delaware, Hampton BMX in Virginia, Richmond BMX in Virginia and Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. in Connecticut.

We already planning the SCBF Events for next and we’re looking to do at least another 9 events. We’re also hoping to do another Winter Series at the Velosolutions Pump Track(Formerley Brooklyn Bike Park).

All the money raised from our SCBF shirts will go towards the 2017 SCBF budget. That includes Bibs, Number Plate awards, medals, travel cost and additional help.

The T-shirts are $17.00,  $30 for the hoodie version before shipping and handling.

If you would like to purchase a shirt and help support the event CLICK HERE


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