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Sugar Cayne Money Open – Results – 10.9.2021 Trumbull

16-39 Sugar Cayne Money Open Podium

Here are the results of the Sugar Cayne Money Open, hosted and sponsored by Trumbull BMX in Connecticut. We had a nice turn out for the 16-39 class. 10 riders in total. Three riders competed in the 40&Over class. Both classes had a $500 Purse courtesy of Trumbull BMX. We also added some entry money to the purse.

In the results chart below there’s a “Point Totals” section. That section is there incase we do the Money Open as a series. Here’s the point break down. Points are only earned when a rider makes a main event.

  • 1st Place=10pts
  • 2nd Place =8pts
  • 3rd Place =6pts
  • 4th Place =5pts
  • 5th Place =4pts
  • 6th Place =3pts
  • 7th Place =2pts
  • 8th Place =1pt

16-39 Payout (top 3): 1st: $275, 2nd: $175, 3rd: $110

2021 – 16-39 Money Open Round 1 Results

RankRiderBike TypeRider AgeSponsorPoint Totals
1Nick Stodolski bmxNick Stodolski20" BMX32Alltow Wrecking Crew10
2Brendan Looby bmxBrendan Looby24" BMX Cruiser36Wakefield BMX/AC Auto8
3Justin Markie BMXJustin Markie20" BMX31 Ssquard6
4Matt Markie BMXMatt Markie20" BMX34Team M.E.5
5Nick BaroneNicholas Barone20" BMX16Alpha BMX4
6Joshua Alstede bmxJoshua Alstede20" BMX21Island Misfit Toys3
7Devin Murphy BMXDevin Murphy20" BMX22Daylight Cycles2
8Spike Miller BMXSpike Miller20" BMX16South Of Heaven Trails1
9Connor Obrien BMXConnor O’Brien24" BMX Cruiser20 Velocity Bike Co.0
10Pete Valotti bmxPete Valotti20" BMX32Cyclecraft0


Nick Barone161113
Spike Miller163429
Devin Murphy2243411
Joshua Alstede212237
Connor O’Brien20555(No Show)15
Pete Valotti3254514
Justin Markie313339
Matt Markie3425411
Brendan Looby 364217
Nick Stodolski321124
40 and over Sugar Cayne Money open winners

40&Over Results

40&Over Payout(top 3): 1st: $275, 2nd $170, 3rd: $105

40&Over Money Open Results, Trumbull BMX 10.9.2021

RankRiderBike TypeRider AgeSponsorPoint Totals
1Bill Fellows bmxBill Fellows20" BMX49TNT Bicycles10
2Remo Dyson BMXRemo Dyson20" BMX51Union Square Shoes8
3David Mazzara bmxDavid Mazzara20" BMX45Sugar Cayne6

40&Over Qualifying Rounds

David Mazzara453339
Remo Dyson512215
Bill Fellows491124

Big shout out to everyone who came out to race. Big Big shout out to our winners

But most of all super big shout out and thanks to Chris Gombos and Trumbull BMX for hosting and sponsoring the race. It wouldn’t be possible without you.

Video and more photos coming soon.

Stay tuned for more Sugar Cayne Money Opens!

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