The Ultimate Cyclocross Race, Oct 18th New Paltz

On October 18th get ready for a completely different Cyclocross expericene at the “Unltimate Cyclocross Race”.

10 laps around a BMX track but in the revers direction!! Riders will start from the finish line and and do 10 non stop laps around the track. Now that may not seem like a lot of laps but the New Paltz BMX Track is full of hills rollers and berms to navigate through plus it’s slighly up hill. By time you finish this race you will feel like you did a 40 mile sprint.

There is no limit the amount of riders that can compete in this race.

Age Groups

The 10 Lap race is for rider 15 years and older. The groups will be separated by gender and age. There will also be a 10-14 year old group that will do 3laps and a 9year old and under group that will do 2 laps.

We will be running all races seperately by age group and gender.

This competition is part of the King/Queen Of Cross competition series which also includes Cyclocross, bunny hop, long jump, longest skid, longest wheelie, high jump and another multilap race. Riders will be given points for each event that they compete in, higher points will be given out to the top finishers. The riders with the most points of all the Cyclocross competitons combined will be awarded the King/Queen of Cross.

There will also be a separate Bike Relay race for all bike types. You can do all of this and more at the SCBF for just $30.

There will also be a Bike Swap during the event so if your trying to get rid of some bikes and or bike parts, bring em with you for the Swap meet.

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