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Video: Fat Bike High Jump Competition At EHT

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Highlight footage our first Fat Bike High Jump Competition thanks to our friend Jason Pilato who let us use his Fat Bike for the event. Unfortunately the bike stated malfunctioning so we had to cancel the rest of the Fat Bike High jump but it was awesome while it was going down! We’re also happy to announce that Jason’s bike is ok, just some loose screws. W

The Fat Bike High Jump competition is part of the Fat Bike King and Fat Bike Queen Event that we have at each stop on the SCBF Tour this year. The rider with highest cumulative points from all the Fat Bike competition from the day will be named the King or Queen of Fat Bike. Those competition include:
High Jump
Long Jump
Bunny Hop
Longest Skid
Fastest Gate
Last Straight Dash
8x (8 cross race)

We broke up the genders so males will have their own King Of Fat Bike series and females will have their Queen Of Fat Bike series.
We also broke up the ages in groups (6-9, 10-14, 15-34, 35&Over) age groups may change due to rider count.

Riders will compete against their peers with in their age group but everyone in their respective gender will be competing for points to be named King Or Queen.
al fat bike 2

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