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Video Highlights And Results Round #4

Seth Freedman Style

The video below is footage of the Best Style, Chase Race and the new Most Manual competitions at round#4 of the SCBF Winter Series at Brooklyn Bike Park. This time around we took photos of the time trial and time trial relay competitions. You can see them HERE

Jesse was the only 10 year old who competed at this event so we had him compete in the 16&Over group. His points will go towards the 10-15 age group and overall series
SCBF Winter Series Round #4 Results

Seth Freedman8101061044535
Chris Motorhead10688638515
Vinicius Resende08410830413
Geoff Thorpe6468428503
Ryan CohenRyan Cohen00010313211
Jesse McEnroe000628201



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialEvent PtsOutcome
Jesse McEnroe1010-15A42.6secs23.4secs86th, RelayC



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieEvent PtsOutcome
Chris Motorhead3116&OverA41.6secs18.4secs3rd1st2nd (16)38RaceC, RelayB, StyleA, TTC, whB
Geoff Thorpe3016&OverB41.6secs18.7secs4th3rd3rd (13)284th, RelayB, StyleC, ttd, whC
Ryan Cohen16&OverC40.3secs19.3secs135th, RelayA
Seth Freedman1816&OverB42.6secs16.4secs1st2nd1st (18)44RaceA, RelayC, StyleB, TTA, whA
Vinicius Resende3016&OverA40.3secs18.2secs2nd4th (12)304th, RaceB, RelayA, TTB

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