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2016 Winter Series #7 Results

SCBF Winter Series 7 (160)

The results from the exciting round #7 are in!! Check out all the results and points in the charts below



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieBunnySkidHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Lucas Bragg59&UB1min 46secs25.70sec3rd2nd2nd(7)3in16ft 8in524th, RaceC, RelayA, SkidC, StyleB, whB
Justice Cayne59&UC1min 57secs42.84sec3rd0in224th, RaceC, RelayB
Greyson Quioan59&UA1min 46secs32.20secs1st4th(5)24ft3in504th, HJA, RaceA, RelayA, SkidA
Julian McCarthy69&UA1min 46secs27.83secs2nd1st(12)22ft 1in44RaceB, RelayA, SkidB, whA
Tyler Bozik79&UB1min 46secs3rd(6)16RelayA, whC



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieBunnySkidHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Hunter Bozik1210-15B1min 46secs2nd2nd(14)2ft 6in36HJA, RaceB, RelayA, whB
Sean McCarthy1110-15C1min 57secs24.99secs3rd3rd(13)29ft 6in34RaceC, RelayB, SkidB, TTC, whC
Michael Amaris1210-15C1min 57secs22.64secs3rd1st(15)1ft 6in46ft 11in2ft 6in58BHA, HJA, RaceC, RelayB, SkidA, TTB, whA
Pablo Landono1010-1520.69secs1st1st1st(15)26ft 11in2ft 6in56HJA, RaceA, SkidC, StyleA, TTA, whA



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieBunnySkidHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Adam Hauck2716&OA1min 46secs17.82secs3rd1st1st (24)2ft 7in117ft 6in6ft0BHA, HJA, RaceC, RelayA, SkidA, StyleA, TTB, whA
Seth Freedman1816&OC1min 57secs17.2secs1st3rd2nd (21)2ft 6in51ft 2in3ft 6in04th, BHB, HJC, RaceA, RelayB, StyleC, TTA, whB
Alec Glasgall2816&OB1min 46secs2nd2nd3rd (17)2ft 6in77ft 9in4ft0BHB, HJB, RaceB, RelayA, SkidC, StyleB, whC
Vinicius Resende3116&OA1min 46secs18.8secs4th (13)100ft 4in04th, RelayA, SkidB, TTC

Below is the point result chart
Point Key: 1st=10pts, 2nd=8pts, 3rd=6pts, 4th=4pts, 5th=3pts, 6th=2pts, 7&Above=1pt

Adam HauckAdam Hauck1010101061010874868
Michael AmarisMichael Amaris6101006108862747
Seth Freedman864610881060827
Pablo Landono010610101001056656
Alec GlasgallAlec Glasgall88388610054717
Greyson Quioan01010010410644544
Lucas Bragg406868101042615
Julian McCarthyJulian McCarthy008081010836424
Hunter BozickHunter Bozik010008810036424
Sean McCarthySean McCarthy0080668634505
Vinicius Resende00800410628413
Justice Cayne0040608418302
Tyler BozickTyler Bozik00000610016212

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