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Adam Hauck Breaking Records At SCBF Winter Series #7

1 adam hauch SCBF Winter Series

We were super excited when we saw MTB Pro Adam Hauck at round #7 of the SCBF Winter Series. Adam signed up for all 8 competitions that we ran that day and he shredded everyone! We debut our “Longest Wheelie” competition at round#7 and Adam set the record at a super long 117ft 6in, Adam also broke event records in the “Most Manuals” competitions by doing 24 manuals within 30 seconds(The previous record of 21 was held by Seth Freedman). Then Adam went an insanely high 6ft during the “High Jump” competition and shattered Chris Motorheads record of 5ft 3in. Adam went on to win 6 of the 8 competitions for the day which is a record in its self lol.

It was definitely awesome watching Adam compete at the event, he put on an awesome show for everyone in attendance. What special guest will show up at the next events….stay tuned!!

Below is the point and rank results from round #7
Point Key: 1st=10pts, 2nd=8pts, 3rd=6pts, 4th=4pts, 5th=3pts, 6=2pts, 7&Up=1pt

Adam HauckAdam Hauck1010101061010874868
Michael AmarisMichael Amaris6101006108862747
Seth Freedman864610881060827
Pablo Landono010610101001056656
Alec GlasgallAlec Glasgall88388610054717

CLICK HERE to see photos from Round #7

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