SCBF Richmond BMX 2016 (PHOTOS)


Another new track that was added to the 2016 SCBF Summer line up was Richmond BMX in Virginia!! Since the track was so close to Hampton BMX we did both events on the same weekend for our first double header at two different tracks.

We had an awesome time at Richmond and everyone was really excited to be a part of the event! Some of the highlights were the relay race where we actually had enough teams for Qualifying motos and a main, the time trail relay races which were cool because it had some Cyclocross-ish elements where the riders had to jump off their bike and run up the stairs of the starting hill to tap the next rider on their team and Of course the bunny hop and bunny hop long jump competitions are always highlights!! We even go to do the holeshot eliminator races and best style!

One of the raddest things that went down was Richmond BMX track operator Gary Craig shredding in all the competitions on a vintage Mongoose!! That was epic!!!

We have to give a huge shout out and thanks to the whole Richmond BMX staff and volunteers for all their help with making this event awesome! We can’t wait to bring the SCBF back next year!!