SCBF Stop #1 EHT, Sunday April 27th Results

Below are the results from all the competitions from Sunday’s Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at Egg Harbor Township BMX Track.

High Jump 15 & Under:
SCBF EHT High Jump Jrs
1st: Jayden Crespo 45″
2nd: Eric Russ 43″
3rd: Jesse McEnroe 31″
4th: Kehler Colon 25″
5th: Aiden Dilks 20″

High Jump 16 & Over:
high jump adults
1st: Thomas Sandfort 53″
2nd: Cliff Ecker 49″
3rd: Jason Pilato 45″
4th: Justin Dorofee 33″

Long Jump 16 & Over
SCBF Long Jump
1st: Cliff Ecker 17ft
2nd: Thomas Sandfort 16ft

Long Jump 15 & Under:
SCBF Long Jump jrs
1st: Kehler Colon
2nd: Kody Colon
3rd: Eric Russ

Best Rhythm (Last Striaght) jrs:
Best Rhythm
1st: Eric Russ
2nd: Noah Russ
3rd: Rob Bandoy

Best Rhythm(Last Straight) 15 & Under:
1st: Thomas Sandfort
2nd: Jesse McEnroe
3rd: Kehler Colon

9-12 Open:
9-12 open
1st: Eric Russ
2nd: Blaze Tommi
3rd: Kody Colon
4th: Kehler Colon
5th: Darien McEnroe
6th: Kadaw Dodd
7th: Brooke Kaelble
8th: Jesse McEnroe

13 & Over Open
13 & Over open
1st: Cliff Ecker
2nd: Rob Bandoy
3rd: Jason Pilato
4th: Noah Russ
5th: Justin Dorofee
6th: Tomas Sandfort

Cyclocross Adults:
EHT Cyclocross
1st: Norm Innis
2nd: Jason Pilato
3rd: Tom Martin

Cyclocross Jrs:
Eric Russ
1st: Eric Russ
2nd: Kehler Colon
3rd: Thomas Sandfort

CLICK HERE to see all the photos from Sunday’s event

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