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SCBF Winter Series #3 Results

SCBF Round 3 Winners

Below are the results from round #3 of the SCBF Winter Series at Brooklyn Bike Park. We had a nice turnout of riders for the 2nd day of the new year. Team Corrosive was in full effect with a bunch of riders from the team competing at the event. The weather was really nice for January, pretty good riding weather 4sho!

For the time trial we used the big side of the track for riders to do a lap around. We were also able to make a few teams of 4 riders for the Time Trial Relay.



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieEvent PtsOutcome
Lucas Bragg59&underC1min 53.75sec25.76sec2ndScore: 1530RaceB, RelayC, StyleB, TTB
Casey Veldhouse79&underC1min 53.75sec27.4sec12RelayC, TTC
GiGi Conlan89&underB2min 22.47sec33.8sec84th, ttd
Justice Cayne59&under39.72sec3rd95th, RaceC
Finn McIntyre89&underB2min 22.47sec24.3sec1stScore: 177ft 2in404th, RaceA, StyleA, TTA, whC



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieEvent PtsOutcome
Jayden Roffi1110-15A1min 32.62sec21.57sec1st28RaceA, RelayA, TTB
Chris Celli1510-15A1min 32.62sec20.09sec2ndScore 2124ft 5in404th, RaceB, RelayA, TTA, whB



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieEvent PtsOutcome
Seth Freedman1816&OverD1min 35sec16.92sec1stScore: 223ft404th, RaceA, RelayB, StyleB, TTA
Chanpra Platt2816&OverD1min 35sec27.61sec9Loss, RelayB
Cesar MaCay2916&OverD1min 35sec23.04sec98th, RelayB
Vinicius Resende3016&OverB2min 22.47sec19.62sec84th, ttd
Geoff Thorpe3016&OverB2min 22.47sec19.12sec3rdScore: 21.5244th, RaceC, StyleC, TTB
Chris Motorhead3116&OverD1min 35sec19.32secScore: 2775ft 2in34RelayB, StyleA, TTC, whA
Charlie Farrell4816&OverA1min 32.62sec20.71sec117th, RelayA
Steve Boyle4116&OverC1min 53.75sec19.92sec2nd175th, RaceB, RelayB
Michael Wikan4316&OverC1min 53.75sec24.06secLoss88th, Loss, RelayB
John Roffi4516&OverA1min 32.62sec20.56secLoss136th, 8th, RelayA

Below is the point results and rank of the round #3

Finn McIntyre1010641040534
Chris Celli488101040524
Seth Freedman810481040524
Chris Motorhead100108634424
Lucas Bragg8806830404
Jayden Roffi010010828323
Geoff Thorpe6604824403
Steve BoyleSteve Boyle0806319302
John Roffi01010213311
Casey Veldhouse0006612202
Charlie FarrellCharlie Farrell00010111211
Michael Wikan0106110301
Chanpra Platt000819201
Cesar MacayCesar MaCay000819201
Justice Cayne060039201
Vinicius Resende000448200
GiGi Conlan000448200

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