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SCBF Winter Series Round #5 Results

Below are the results from round #5 of the SCBF Winter Series. This event maked the debut of the High Jump and Bunny Hop competitions. Our top 2 series point leaders Chris Motorhead and Seth Freedman battled it out to see who would go the highest. Team Mach 1 rider Kevin Farrel gave tried to give Seth and Chris a run for their money but the big surprise of the day was 7 year old Beau Baker who boosted 2f 5in in the competition. The High Jump competition was definitely the crowd favorite.



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Beau Baker79&UnderE45.8secs2ft 6in6HJA, RelayC
Casey Veldhouse79&UnderA48secs28.10secs3rd104th, RaceC
Greyson Quioan59&Under26.02secs2nd3in16HJC, RaceB, TTB



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseWheelieHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Pablo Landono1010-15C42.3secs20.071st2nd (12)2ft 6in36HJB, RaceA, RelayB, TTA, whB
Aidan Timmons1210-15B42.2secs1st (13)2ft 6in20HJA, TTA, whA



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseWheelieBunnyHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Chris Motorhead3116&OverB42.2secs204 1/2ft0HJA, RelayA, whA
Harold Griffin4716&Over18.86secs0TTC
Kevin Farrell2616&OverE45.8secs20.23secs2nd142ft0HJC, RaceB, RelayC, ttd, whC
Seth Freedman1816&OverA48secs17.40secs1st192ft4ft04th, BHA, HJB, RaceA, TTA, whB
Vinicius Resende3116&OverC42.3secs18.76secs3rd1004th, RaceB, RelayB, TTB

Below are the point results and rider rank of the event. (Point Key: 1st=10pts, 2nd=8pts, 3rd=6pts, 4th=4pts, 5th=3pts, 6th=2pts, 7th &Above =1pt)

Seth Freedman10810841050635
Pablo Landono0810881044525
Kevin Farrell06866430504
Aidan Timmons01001001030333
Chris Motorhead01001010030333
Vinicius Resende00648828403
Greyson Quioan06800822303
Beau Baker010006016212
Casey Veldhouse00604010201
Harold Griffin0000066101

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