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SCBF Winter Series Round #6 Results

Below are the event results from round #6. Since there was only one 9&U rider and two 10-15 year old riders we combined the age groups in most of the competitions. Points were accumulated to riders according to their age groups

This time around we did the time trails on the beginner section of the track. The riders had to do two laps around for their time.

The following three list are just the performance results and are not in any particular order.


RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialEvent PtsOutcome
Justice Cayne59&UA1m 2.69secs30.14secs95th, TTC

10-15 Year Old Results


RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseWheelieBunnyHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Aidan Timmons1210-15C43.58secs15.35secs4th4th (16)3ft244th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, RelayC, TTA
Brady Baker1310-15D40.37secs16.62secs3rd3rd (19)1ft 6in4ft 6in30BHC, HJC, RaceC, RelayA, TTB, whC



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseWheelieBunnyHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Chris Motorhead3116&OB40.57secs14.72secs2nd (20)2ft 6in5ft 3in24BHA, HJA, RelayB, TTB, whB
Vinicius Resende3016&OB40.57secs15.24secs2nd7th (11)217th, RaceB, RelayB, ttd
Alec Glasgall2816&O15.12secs4th5ft104th, HJB, TTC
Matt Mihlbachler4316&OD40.31secs15.36secs6th (14)2ft3ft 6in154th, 5th, 6th, BHB, RelayA
Harold Griffin4716&O16.04secs2ft64th, 6th, BHB
Patrick Leahy5016&OC43.58secs16.42secs4th5th (15)1ft 6in1ft 5in144th, 5th, 6th, BHC, Loss, RelayC
Seth Freedman1816&OA1m 2.69secs14.24secs1st1st (21)2ft335th, BHB, RaceA, TTA, whA

Below is the point results and rank from round #6. This list is in order  (Point Key: 1st=10, 2nd=8, 3rd=6, 4th=4, 5th=3, 6th=2, 7th & up=1,)

Chris Motorhead1010088844525
Brady BakerBrady Baker666610842616
Seth Freedman80101031041534
Aidan Timmons034461027512
Matt MilbachlerMatt Mihlbachler840210327512
Patrick LeahyPatrick Leahy62436122602
Vinicius Resende00818421402
Alec GlasgallAlec Glasgall08400618302
Harold Griffin80004214301
Justice Cayne0000369201

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